Who can join the Western Clinical Alliance?

Alliance Qualified providers who are aligned with this vision are invited to participate. Western Clinical Alliance fosters and supports collaboration among providers to achieve the IHI Triple Aim. Western Clinical Alliance is fueled by Renown Health.

We’re Forming a New Team

Membership in the Western Clinical Alliance


Members collaborate in improving the quality, safety, efficiency and sustainability of health care in our community by joining with a broad spectrum of health system employed and private-practice physicians who are committed to work together to direct, design and govern the CIN. The physician-led team works to develop new care models, apply best practices, monitor and share performance with a focus on improving health while honoring patient preferences.


Data is shared freely. Quality goals are shared, aligned and consistent across the system.

Physicians and practices maintain their private status and operational autonomy while sharing in the resources and benefits of the CIN capabilities including; improved coordination among practices, transparency in data sharing, goal setting, and collaborative clinical process design and decision making. In addition, this group has access to value-added services offerings such as Electronic Medical Record and group purchasing.

Doctors discussing a case

What We do

Western Clinical Alliance allows physicians to:
  • Demonstrate their quality to current and future patients;
  • Choose the clinical measures against which they will be evaluated;
  • Access collective support services and infrastructure;
  • Pursue enhanced revenue through better management of chronic patients;
  • Access collective support services and infrastructure;
  • Seek appropriate reimbursement that reflects the higher demonstrated value furnished to patients and health plans.
Western Clinical Alliance provides patients with::
  • Better value for their health care dollar;
  • More effective care management and outreach from a trusted source, their physician;
  • More reliable information to support their choice of health plans, physicians and hospitals;
  • More accurate and meaningful provider ratings; greater stability in their relationship with their doctor and hospital.
Western Clinical Alliance hospitals the ability to:
  • Demonstrate quality to current and future patients;
  • Enlist physician support for hospital initiatives, including compliance with “core measures,” clinical pathways, standardized order sets, and supply chain management initiatives;
  • Develop a better, more collaborative relationships with physicians and other hospitals;
  • Improve performance on hospital pay-for-performance measures

Benefits of a Clinically Integrated Network

Clinical Integration

Physicians and care providers share clinical data, review that data together and work to improve outcomes

Enhanced Clinical Decision-Making

Sharing clinical data and patients’ records enables enhanced clinical decision making that encompasses the patient’s full story.

Physician-led Accountability

Additionally, setting protocols and clinical guidance happens within the governance of the CIN which is physician-led. That means that physicians who are a part of the CIN are also a part of setting the accountability for the CIN to improve outcomes, provide outstanding experiences, and lower costs.