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Benefits of Clinically Integrated Networks

By Bethany Sexton, Chief Transformation Officer, Renown Health

Across the United States, doctors and hospitals are implementing clinically integrated networks not only for reasons of antitrust compliance, but also for the benefits to physicians, hospitals and patients.

Western Clinical Alliance, a clinically integrated network powered by Renown Health, is a collaboration of healthcare providers improving patient care, patient outcomes and better managing the total cost of care.

Physicians and practices maintain their private status and operational autonomy while sharing in the benefits available through Renown, including: improved coordination and the opportunity to experience new levels of transparency in data sharing, goal setting and collaborative clinical decision making. In addition, Western Clinical Alliance has access to services like electronic medical record platforms (such as Epic) and group purchasing discounts.

Clinical integration allows physicians to:

  • Demonstrate quality to current and future patients;
  • Develop clinical measures;
  • Pursue enhanced revenue through better management of chronically-ill patients;
  • Access collective support services and infrastructure;
  • Seek appropriate reimbursement that reflects the higher demonstrated value furnished to patients and health plans.

Clinical integration gives hospitals the ability to:

  • Demonstrate quality to current and future patients;
  • Enlist physician support for hospital initiatives, including compliance with “core measures,” clinical pathways, standardized order sets, and supply chain management initiatives;
  • Develop a better, more collaborative relationship with physicians and other care providers;
  • Improve performance on hospital pay-for-performance measures;
  • Create a differentiated position in the market on the basis of quality.

Clinical integration provides patients with:

  • Better value for their health care dollar;
  • More effective care management and outreach from a trusted source, their physician;
  • More reliable information to support their choice of health plans, physicians and hospitals;
  • More accurate and meaningful provider ratings;
  • Greater stability in their relationship with their doctor and hospital.

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