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Building Relationships to Improve Care

By Dr. Rahul Mediwala, Chief Medical Officer, Health Services, Renown Health

Health care organizations and hospitals across the nation are in the midst of transitioning to value-based care. The new “value-based” care system bases care providers’ pay on quality of care, health outcomes and patient satisfaction.

A value-based system will help improve health outcomes for our patients and our community while also driving down the costs of healthcare services. Renown Health has implemented the Building Relationships to Improve Care (BRIC) model as part of the roadmap to help transition services to value-based care. The BRIC model is also a driving force to exceed people’s expectations for access and affordability.

Renown Medical Group plans to structure primary care clinics using the BRIC model to support patients with “wrap around” services, such as post-visit follow up calls to patients, community resource identification, and more. These “wrap-around” services will better prepare teams to navigate patients through the healthcare system, improving our patients’ experience.

Providing these “wrap-around” services aims to drive down the cost of providing care as well as make services more affordable to patients. This also aims to help Renown Medical Group – Primary Care grow their services to provide high-quality and efficient care to more people in our community.

The BRIC model is also using innovations Renown has already put in place to help patients. For example, the pilot genomic medicine program (Renown’s Healthy Nevada Project) is being tested in primary care offices. Learn more about how providers and practices can partner with the Healthy Nevada Project to help patients.

As we continue the transition to value-based care, the BRIC model aims to give providers more time with patients, ensuring patients get all of their questions answered and leave feeling confident in the care they are receiving. Transformational change is not easy – but putting the patient at the center is worth it.

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