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Healthy Nevada Project: Prevent, Plan, Live

By Heather Braginton, Genomics Representative, Healthy Nevada Project

The Healthy Nevada Project is a population health study that is combining genetic, clinical and environmental data in new ways to deliver personalized health data to participants. By giving a simple saliva sample, participants receive a no-cost genetic screening test that can detect genes linked to heart disease and certain cancers.

The Healthy Nevada Project is partnering with Western Clinical Alliance to achieve our goals of improving patient outcomes, bettering population health and lowering the total cost of care. By working together with physicians and practices like those in Western Clinical Alliance, we can deliver on the future health needs of our community. With a simple genetic test, patients and physicians can become aware of unique health needs for their patients and take a step closer to making us a healthier Nevada.

Want to learn more about how your practice can be involved in the state’s largest population health endeavor? Learn more about how the Healthy Nevada Project can help your patients and improve outcomes, please contact Amberly Diets, Renown Health Director of Clinical Research & Genomics by phone or email.

We encourage you to participate and spread the word about the Healthy Nevada Project. Visit to learn more about how the study has already helped patients in our community or to register to participate in the study. All Nevada residents 18 years of age and over are eligible to participate.

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