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Joining Western Clinical Alliance

By Melissa Panks, Director of Network Performance at Renown Health 

As we continue our journey to value-based care, we are excited to announce our open enrollment period to onboard new community practices and providers will be Sep. 15 – Nov. 15, 2021.

In preparation for our 2022 performance year and open enrollment period, we want to share with you the benefits providers and practices receive when they join Western Clinical Alliance.

  1. Access to Data: Members of Western Clinical Alliance have access to multiple data reports. These include a Per Member Per Month (PMPM) Analyzer, a Western Clinical Alliance Performance Dashboard and a Provider Comparison Report. Learn more about data sharing through Western Clinical Alliance here.
  2. Care Coordination: Western Clinical Alliance members have access to care coordinators to help manage at-risk patients. The care coordination team can provide “wrap-around” services such as post-visit follow up calls to patients, community resource identifications and more. These “wrap-around” services and better coordination of care aim to exceed people’s expectations for access and affordability.
  3. Electronic Medical Records Through Epic: Renown Health offers members of Western Clinical Alliance the opportunity to join the premier electronic medical record system, Epic. Through this program, Renown is able to offer scalable solutions to partners that result in greatly enhanced patient, provider and practice experience. If you would like to learn more, please email Josiah Dixon, Director of EMR Outreach at Renown Health.
  4. Population Health Statistics: The Healthy Nevada Project is one of the largest community-based population health studies in the world, with over 50,000 Nevadans already signed up. The Healthy Nevada Project is looking to healthcare leaders in the community to bring the impact of this project to a new level. By combining genetic, clinical and environmental data the Healthy Nevada Project can deliver personalized, actionable results to participants. This includes their risk for certain cancers and heart disease in an effort to enable quicker disease diagnosis and more precise treatment for community members and generations to come. As a member of Western Clinical Alliance you have the ability to provide your patients’ materials regarding the Healthy Nevada Project in your office. To learn more, please email
  5. UNR Med Affiliation: The University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine and Renown Health have affiliated to establish the first fully integrated health system in Nevada. This affiliation is a 50-year commitment for combining the clinical practice, teaching and research programs of both institutions. Learn more about what this means for our community here.

Open Enrollment Details: The open enrollment period to apply to join Western Clinical Alliance is Sep. 15 – Nov. 15. We are excited to increase our membership and continue our journey to value, improving patient experience and outcomes.

To provide the information potential members need to consider joining Western Clinical Alliance, two Town Halls will be offered to provide an overall update as well as the opportunity to discuss details around participation. More information will become available when these Town Halls are scheduled. If you have any questions, please email Melissa Panks, Director of Network Performance at Renown Health.

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