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Increasing Access to Data

By Dr. Bret Frey, Contract Performance Committee Chair of Western Clinical Alliance 

Through Western Clinical Alliance, a clinically integrated network (CIN) powered by Renown Health, physicians and practices maintain their private status and operational autonomy while sharing the benefits available through Renown. One of the benefits available to members of Western Clinical Alliance is data sharing.

There is now new data available for Western Clinical Alliance members! Here is what is now available:

Western Clinical Alliance PMPM Analyzer

The PMPM Analyzer tool provides access to paid claims data from the payer (currently Hometown Health). This tool allows for:

  • Analysis on claims spend and utilizations of our CIN members.
  • Identifying opportunities to shift utilization to a lower cost of care.
  • Straifying CIN members into different categories of risk to identify high utilizers who might benefit from care coordination.
  • Analysis of healthcare utilization by Care Progress Families and disease groups to determine which services would help decrease emergency and acute encounters.

LeadingWisely WCA Performance Dashboard

This dashboard monitors Western Clinical Alliance’s key performance indicators (KPIs), which are the outcome measures aligned with the strategic goals of the CIN.

Provider Comparison Report

The Provider Comparison Report provides a high level comparison by specialty, group and provider for the members they have seen based on claims data. This tool allows for:

  • Network analysis to determine which specialty and provider groups receive the most healthcare claims activity.
  • Comparison of the average member risk between different provider groups for the patients they have cared for.
  • Identification of the provider groups who have had a positive impact on managing the total utilization of the members they have cared for.

As part of our compliance guidelines, each participating must print, sign and return this Data Use Agreement to Melissa Panks prior to viewing the data. After receiving the completed Data Use Agreement, a notification will be sent out to each provider confirming access to the data tools has been approved. Please be aware this process can take between two and three weeks. Instructions will also be provided on how to navigate the tools via Citrix.

Western Clinical Alliance is very excited to offer these reports and dashboard to members and continue our journey to value.

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